dining and kitchen interiorYour home is your sanctuary, your safe place, and your retreat from the demands and responsibilities of a busy life. Your home is the place where you raise your children, where you entertain your friends, spend time with your family, and where you relax at the end of the day.

When you need repairs and renovations, you want to trust the people you invite to work on your home.  You want to choose a local handyman and home renovation service that you feel comfortable with. You want professional craftspersons who will put your needs first and who will provide the best value for your investment dollar. living room staircase in white tones

The home repair and renovation specialists at Homeowner Services of Michigan take this responsibility extremely seriously. When you trust us to troubleshoot and resolve issues around your home, you know that we are going the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied with the results. Your needs are met with our attention to detail and our commitment to providing you with the finest workmanship using the very best and most responsible building materials and construction practices in the industry.

You’ll be very pleased with the professionalism and processes we employ to meet your needs.

We’ve built our professional reputation on core values that guide every member of our team no matter what the project may be.

These are our core values:

Communicationarchitect drawing plans
Everything begins with a clear understanding of your needs. And then we stay in touch with you throughout your project to ensure your complete satisfaction at every phase.

You’ll never be left wondering about who is working on what, or when your project will be complete. You’ll receive daily communication from us on every aspect of your construction, home repair or home remodeling project.

Collaboration:couple holding hands over coffee

We work for you. Your voice, your vision, your wants, and your needs are always our top priority.

Beginning with your initial idea, we’ll work with you through the design phase, budgeting, execution, and making sure all the final details are just right.  You’ll be consulted and informed throughout the entire home remodeling process.  We like to think of our relationship together as a partnership. You have the vision and we bring that vision to life!  Together we achieve great results.

painter on his knees

Attention to you.  Attention to detail. Attention to budget, scheduling, and results.

You have our full attention. Nothing is left to chance. True excellence lies in the details, so we pay close attention to every process and procedure involved in your renovation project.

Your job is done right the first time. No excuses.

Accountability: construction Gant chart

Your project is carefully planned, scheduled, performed, and monitored to ensure the highest performance standards are met from inception to completion. If there is ever an error, mistake, or misunderstanding, we’ll own it and we’ll make it right. We guarantee it.

Responsibility: two people writing on wood table

We take full ownership of every aspect of your project. From minimizing your inconvenience, and recycling construction waste, to sourcing the most economical and environmentally responsible building materials -you’ll be well pleased with the results of our work.

Our entire team of professional builders is on a mission to provide you with world-class home building, handyman, home repair and home renovation services. No matter how big or small the issue may be, we put more than three decades of experience to work in providing lasting solutions for your home that you can trust. We would love to serve you with this same dedication and drive.

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