It’s hard to make any progress without a plan.Planning on white board

We all know that it can be really hard to bake a cake without a recipe.  Just like it’s tough to get where you’re going without a map.  That’s why we always have a plan, every single day, for everything we do.

We carefully plan every detail of your home renovation, and then we diligently work that plan. Because we know that effort without direction is simply wasted energy, and we don’t like to waste anything -especially your time or your money.  High-quality home renovation work at affordable prices is no accident. That kind of work requires clear communication, and a detailed plan.

architectural design on paperOf course, not every remodeling project requires a fully engineered set of blueprints, but many projects around the house benefit from at least a simple set of drawings.  We believe that good, solid communication begins with everyone speaking the same ‘language.’  Having all the details of your home renovation project in writing, and rendered in drawings that everyone can see, feel, read and relate to ensures that we all understand each other, and nothing is left to chance.

It doesn’t matter if we’re building a new custom home from the ground up, or simply updating the home you own, detailed drawings, plans, schedules, and work orders keep everything organized and running smoothly.

The design-build process that we follow goes just like this:

  1. Initial consultation
    Delayne (the owner) will meet with you to discuss your home renovation project in detail.

    1. Your Vision: You’ll discuss what your home improvement should look like, how the renovated area should feel, and what your overall plan and visions are for this area of the home.  How will your home be used here? How often will people use this area? What would make it most functional? How can we make it more comfortable? Successful home improvements begin with a solid vision.
    2. Your Budget: You are always in control of how much you spend on your home improvement project. There are countless options to choose from and many high-end finishes are also available in high quality, lower-cost alternative designs, and finishes. Combining high-end finishes with high quality, low-cost alternative options opens up an entire world of possibilities.  Achieving the look and feel you want and deserve in your home has never been more affordable!
  2. Design consultation:

    1. Our architect will visit, take measurements and discuss the finer details of your renovation project and the specifics that you have in mind.
    2. Based on this visit, the architect will then draft preliminary renovation designs that flesh-out all the details of your project.
  3. Follow-up consultation and design review:

    1. One or more preliminary design sketches will be presented for your review.
    2. At this stage, you have the opportunity to make changes, alterations, additions or subtractions from your project as you see fit.
    3. A secondary set of plans will be created based on your discussions with the architect in this phase. This phase may or may not require additional site visits in order to produce your final drafts. Those details will become evident as the project progresses.
  4. Final construction drawings:

    1. At this stage, your project drawings are complete and ready for your final approval.
    2. The drawings are available to put out for bid proposals so all the contractors are bidding on the same scope of work. This ensures that we’re getting the very best value for our budget.
    3. These final drawings are also ready for submittal to the City or local governmental agencies for zoning approval, and building permits. Accurate drawings are always required any time zoning approvals and building permits are issued.
    4. These final drawings will be used by everyone involved in the renovation, to guide the demo and the construction phases of your project. The guidance these drawings provide ensures that you receive the exact fit, finish, quality, and final outcome that you’ll be most satisfied with.

Our proven design-build process offers several benefits.

First, you have a solid plan for your project that puts everyone on ‘the same page.’ All the bids you get will be based on achieving the exact same high-quality results.

Secondly, this design-build process produces something of value, namely your construction drawings. Construction drawings are an absolute necessity for the permit and approval process, and these drawings will also guide the entire construction process, producing a high-quality home renovation project that we will be proud of, and that you’ll be most satisfied with.

It’s worth mentioning here that all of the drafts and architectural drawings are yours to keep. You are under no obligation to use us as your contractor of choice. Your complete satisfaction is our goal here, and this process has proved most effective for us in achieving that very outcome for our clients and home remodeling customers.

If you appreciate the value of good, solid communication, and our process appeals to you, we would be happy to schedule a site visit to speak with you about your home renovation project.  Just let us know what days and times would be most convenient for you in this Contact Form

Home renovations and repairs are our passion. We’ve spent our lives refining our craft and practicing our art, not because it’s our job, but because we love the work we’re blessed to do. Every one of us here at Homeowner Services of Michigan takes enormous pride and satisfaction in a job well done. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and we’d love to show you the plan we have for you.

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