You value safety, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility for all.  People trust you and appreciate the love and care you provide.

So, when you’re modifying your home to accommodate a loved one or when you want to ensure your business is ADA accessible, Homeowner Services of Michigan is here to install the barrier-free features and fixtures that meet your home and business disability requirements.

We put more than 30 years of experience to work for you, customizing the safety modifications that meet all ADA code compliance regulations.

We help fulfill your promise. Your property is a place where people feel safe, included, appreciated and valued.

You can rest assured that through our dedication to detail and the many years we’ve spent perfecting our craft, we can handle ADA modification projects of any scope and complexity, including the following:

  • Strategic lighting
  • Portable shower seats
  • Window adjustments for ease of opening
  • Grab bar installation in bathrooms
  • Installation of stairlifts
  • Installation of ramps
  • Installation of non-slip tape to stairs and ledges
  • Lowered light switches, handles, locks, and countertops
  • Replacement of carpet with hard flooring
  • Roll-in shower installation

When you choose our team to install accessibility modifications and barrier-free features, you know that we’ll provide the materials and workmanship that you can trust for years to come. Our beautiful handiwork will add value to your home or business, maintaining its appeal and enriching its function for all current and future occupants. We will always take the time to make sure your needs are met and you feel satisfied with our work.

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